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Our Journey Begins, together

Every year at Christmas approximately 1 million drones are sold to operators in the United States. Almost every pilot I know has had a close encounter of some kind with a drone in the sky. We all share the same national airspace system. From drones, to light airplanes, to airlines, to military aircraft, we're all up there. It's for this reason that we are passionate about using our skills to create a product that we believe stands out. A product that makes a difference. One that is comprehensive and easy to use. Fun, so that it actually gets used. One that measures the effectiveness of the training by including real world scenarios and one that measure knowledge recall so that the knowledge gained will remain fresh.

With the release of Drone Pro 2.0 we believe we've achieved that product and look forward to incrementally improving it as we listen to your feedback and fine tune it to suit the needs of professional drone operators. Please subscribe to this blog to stay up to date with frequently asked questions and our announcements about changes in the law, and to the app. Here are the release notes for 2.0:

This release adds Test Prep, a way for you to take practice exams and test your skills against questions just like you'd see on the FAA Part 107 test.

It also includes:
・ updated course content
・ more compatibility updates for new iPad Pros
We've also made improvements under the hood to make the app lighter, faster, and more reliable. If you enjoy the app or find it helpful, please help us out by leaving a review in the App Store. Or contact us any time at [email protected].